Unusual white beans in cultivation


The white kidney bean plant is self-pollinating. This requires a high air temperature. For any kind of beans, you need to organize spatial isolation.

How white beans are grown

The distances for isolating varieties depend on the openness of the area. The more bushes it grows, the smaller it can be. So, on open landings, it takes half a meter. The requirements are as follows:

  • White beans are very thermophilic. As such, this category is the most demanding for heat;
  • Seeds sprout when the temperature is from 10 degrees, and growth and development are possible at 18-25 degrees Celsius;
  • Moisture is necessary for the growth of white beans, especially during seed growth and during flowering periods;
  • When there is little water, flowers and fresh ovaries will fall off;
  • In terms of humidity, the level of humidity should not be less than 75-80 percent;
  • White beans need light to grow, the plant is considered a representative of a short day;
  • The soil should warm up well, it should be light;
  • Flooded areas are not suitable, as is the occurrence of groundwater;
  • In territories, as in Non-Chernozem areas, it is recommended to arrange beds - this will help the ground to warm up faster for planting;
  • It is recommended to loosen the soil, in particular after rain or watering;
  • During the growth period, waterlogging is dangerous, since the leaves will grow, but there will be no fruit;
  • The bed will warm up sooner if it is covered with a film.

Here are some tips for growing white beans. At an early age, top dressing is performed. For example, several grams of superphosphate are added per 1 m. This is how white beans are grown.

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I planted it somehow in the garden, the plant is very capricious and demanding, I exhausted all my nerves until it bore fruit. It is best to grow it in a greenhouse, otherwise you will not end up with problems.