Planting potatoes with a cultivator

One of the most important crops is potatoes. They use it very versatile, but, first of all, as the most valuable food product. You can cook an incredible amount of dishes from it. Potatoes are rightfully called "second bread".

But the process of planting potatoes is quite laborious and long-term. Especially if you use shovels, hoes and hoes. But planting potatoes with a cultivator will make your life much easier.

The cultivator is a light gardening machine designed to work with land - hilling, loosening, cutting beds. They weigh no more than 50 kg and are easy to transport. They have only two gears - one forward and one backward, and more simplified models have only one forward. Gas powered cultivators are quite noisy. If you like to enjoy quieter appliances, then turn your attention to electric cultivators.

Planting potatoes with a cultivator is in no way inferior to other country utensils. It performs the same functions and also with high quality, but at the same time you spend much less effort, and you will have more time to do other, no less important things. And for a shovel and a hoe there is always work in the garden.

How long does it take you to plant potatoes in the usual way? One or two days? And are you terribly tired? Now you can forget about it. Planting potatoes with a cultivator on a plot of 10 acres will take only half a day.

Cultivators are sold at affordable prices. They are compact and therefore easy to transport.

With the help of a cultivator, potatoes can not only be planted, but also dug up. The cultivator is an excellent assistant for the gardener.

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The cultivator is required when planting potatoes in large areas. We have a summer cottage, only 6 acres, and the whole garden takes about three, therefore, we definitely won't need a cultivator. If you buy it for several summer cottages, then this mechanism will greatly facilitate our work on planting and digging up potatoes.