How to grow marigold seedlings

Marigolds have long won the hearts of many, many thousands of flower growers. And how can you not love them? They do not require intensive care, they are easy to propagate, they bloom for a very long time and delight with a variety of colors: from yellow to terracotta.

Marigolds belong to heat-loving plants, therefore, you should not immediately plant seeds in open ground, it is better to first grow seedlings in suitable conditions, which are then planted on flower beds in the garden.

How to grow marigold seedlings

It is usually recommended to start sowing seeds as early as March, but you can shift the dates to April for some varieties. The optimal substrate for seedlings of this flower plant is a loose, nutritious mixture of peat, humus, sand and turf. Sand is taken 0.5 part, and the remaining components - 1 part.

It is imperative to pour drainage on the bottom of individual pots, a common box or a cassette for seedlings: expanded clay, crushed stone. Approximately 2/3 of the soil mixture in the container should be tamped, and the rest of the soil should remain loose.

Marigolds have rather large seeds, therefore, if you decide to plant them in one common container, leave a distance of 2 cm between each hole.

After sowing the seeds, cover the containers with foil and place them in a place where the ambient temperature is at least + 20-25 degrees. After the first shoots appear, the container is transferred to a bright place.

How to grow marigold seedlings so that they are strong? To do this, you need to observe the watering regime, and if there is a thickening of the seedlings, they need to be cut out in time.

Around the end of May, the seedlings are ready for planting in a permanent place in the garden.

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