Pear tree: root system care

Fruit trees bring many benefits and joy. Cherry, apple, pear - the care of these trees is basically the same if the trees are grown in a specific climatic region.

Naturally, there are still some differences in the care of certain types of fruit trees. For example, a pear. This tree has a root system close enough to the surface of the earth. Therefore, the main difference in caring for a pear from the same apple tree comes down to shallow loosening of the trunk circle and more significant preparation for the winter period.

It is necessary to loosen the ground around the pear tree twice a year - in spring and autumn. Such digging of the earth is carried out as follows. Near the trunk, the earth is dug to a depth of no more than 12 centimeters. The rest of the trunk circle, farther from the tree itself, can be dug to a depth of 12-15 centimeters. In the summer, the soil is loosened near the pear. Do this after rain or abundant watering. So the earth is not only saturated with moisture, but also allows the roots to receive a sufficient amount of oxygen. Weeds should also be removed during loosening.

For the winter cold, you also need to prepare the pear tree carefully enough. Since the root system is located close to the ground, it must be well covered. To do this, the fallen snow is thrown into the trunk circle, carefully trampling it down. The trunk of a pear tree is wrapped in dry reeds, then wrapped in tar paper and tied tightly with a rope. Thus, the tree will be protected from cold weather and from rodents.

Good luck and rich harvest!

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