Growing petunias in peat tablets

Petunias have long been the favorite garden flowers of many flower growers. Thanks to their beauty and tenderness, these flowers have won main places in both home gardens and city flower beds. Everyone who grew petunias from seeds was convinced that this is a rather difficult and troublesome business, because the plant is quite demanding on moisture and lighting.

Experienced growers say that growing petunias in peat tablets simplifies this process and allows you to get healthy and beautiful plants.

The advantages of growing petunias in this way:

  • convenience;
  • profitability;
  • increased seed germination;
  • water permeability of peat;
  • air permeability of peat;
  • the nutrient content of peat tablets.
  • All this allows you to get strong and healthy seedlings.

How to grow petunias in peat tablets?

  1. It is necessary to purchase the peat tablets themselves - before the beginning of March (it is at this time that it is necessary to sow petunia).
  2. The diameter of the tablets should be at least 3.5 cm in diameter (so that the seedlings have enough room for normal growth).
  3. Peat tablets must be soaked in water at room temperature for 10 minutes - they will look like barrels.
  4. Put one seed in the middle of each barrel and additionally moisten it with a sprayer (you do not need to cover the seeds).

After planting, it is necessary to create favorable conditions for the growth of petunias:

  • temperature - 20 - 25 ° C;
  • regular soil moistening;
  • enough light;
  • protection from direct sunlight.

If you follow all the recommendations, growing petunias in peat tablets will delight you with an excellent result.

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