Kanna Indian - Exotic Queen

Bright flowering, resistance to pests, diseases and strong heat, an exotic species - these are the qualities for which the plant with the common name of Indian canna is appreciated. The flowers of this plant are different - white, yellow, red, pink, orange, monochromatic and speckled, collected in delicate graceful brushes. Surely for many, the Indian canna is familiar from the city flower beds on which she is the queen. Even if the weather conditions do not allow the canna to please with its lush flowering, its large leaves of various colors can make the flower garden especially beautiful.

Cannes Indian landing

Canna is a very thermophilic plant, so it is worth germinating it already from March. To stimulate growth, the rhizomes can be immersed in a manganese solution. Cannes should be planted in fertile loose soil, in a container with a diameter of 20 cm, to a depth of 6 cm.

Indian Cana Care

The main conditions are regular watering and loosening of the soil. You should also regularly fertilize with organic mineral fertilizers - once a month.
Watering should be reduced at the end of August, and completely stopped before digging. After the first freeze, the cannes should be cut (to a height of 15 cm), dug up, dried at a temperature of 15-18 degrees, hanging them upside down. After that - cut to 3-5 cm and put in wooden or paper boxes, sprinkled with sand or peat. The substrate should be periodically moistened, avoiding drying out.

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Once, neighbors brought pots from the dacha to our entrance, in which the canna was planted. we very much hoped that these flowerpots would stand all winter - it is warm in the entrance, and the lighting is almost the whole day, albeit artificial. But she didn't like it with us - she began to wither, she had to cut off all the plants. and in the spring they were again taken to the dacha and we no longer experiment with cannes.

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I left my plant indoors for the winter. Canna stretched up to 1.5 m. Now I don't know how to transplant. I'm afraid I'll break the stem.