Corn photos and growing conditions

Corn, a photo of which is dazzled on the Internet and on the pages of gardening magazines, is one of the most desirable crops for growing, cultivating in your garden, plot.

You need to choose corn according to its qualities and the conditions that it needs, corn, the photo of which you liked, may not give a crop if it is not planted as it needs.

Corn is a herbaceous annual plant that has been cultivated in our country for a long time, does not grow by self-sowing and does not run wild. The ears of corn can reach three meters, its roots are well developed, and the stem is not hollow.

The fruit of corn is a compressed caryopsis, the shade of which can be from light yellow, sometimes white, to bright orange, depending on the type and variety of the planted plant. Sometimes you can find exotic red, purple and even blue corn.

The place for corn must be prepared in the fall, removing all weeds and their roots, loosening the soil and applying fertilizer. If you apply organic fertilizers, then they should be applied during digging, and mineral fertilizers should also be applied. The place for corn should be well sunny.

If it is warm in your region, then sowing seeds should be in very well-warmed soil, starting from about the end of April. Three seeds should be placed in each hole to a depth of three centimeters, when the shoots sprout, you leave only two strong plants.

If your soil heats up for a long time, the climate does not correspond to a sun-loving plant, then you can try to grow corn through seedlings. For this, corn seed is sown in peat or paper cups with a nutrient mixture to a depth of no more than three centimeters and sprinkled with sand. A week before planting the seedlings, it must be fed and planted very carefully, since the plant does not tolerate transplanting well.

The soil under the corn should be loosened regularly and weeds should be removed, and pests should not appear on the plant. Corn should be watered in moderation, but regularly, water stagnation should not be allowed. You can create a soil ball at the base of the plant, which is better to retain moisture on hot days.

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User avatar Wika

We once tried to grow corn in the garden. The attempt was crowned with half success: the cobs appeared, but did not have time to ripen. We do not sit her down anymore, so as not to get upset.

Manager88 avatar

The most unpretentious crop of which is always large. Except that popcorn corn never grows big. The heads of cabbage are medium in size and flavorful. Although one is enough for 3 servings of sweet corn.

Alla's avatar

In my opinion, corn is not the most whimsical crop that can be planted in the garden. Even the laziest owner can grow it. We constantly plant corn, early mandatory, and fodder corn for animals.

User avatar Olia1221

We grow corn ourselves in our garden. But I have a question for you: ordinary corn grows normally, but the one for popcorn is bad. It may not ripen completely, but popcorn is not made from it, the grains do not break. What is the reason?