Frost-resistant grape varieties - cultivation features

Grapes are, by definition, a southern plant. And growing it in more northern regions than the warm France, Italy, the Caucasus, it seemed simply impossible. But now frost-resistant grape varieties can often be found in garden plots even north of the Moscow region.

Most of these varieties are bred by professional breeders. But there are also varieties that are popular and beloved by gardeners, which were born thanks to the efforts of ordinary gardeners, because of the love for this wonderful, fragrant southern plant. All frost-resistant grape varieties have excellent taste, aroma, along with resistance to adverse weather conditions in winter.

A feature of grapes intended for cultivation in open ground in areas north of the Moscow region is a lower temperature for normal vegetation. As you know, for ordinary grapes, the optimum temperature for fruit setting is 26-35 degrees. it is in such temperature conditions that the plant goes through the growing season qualitatively, getting everything it needs for a good harvest. For frost-resistant grape varieties, a temperature of plus 18 degrees is considered favorable for the growing season, and 23 degrees C is a good temperature for setting fruit. The adjective early is often present in the name of such varieties. And this is correct, because the period from the appearance of buds to the ripening of berries is only 95-100 days.

In addition, do not forget that grapes can be covered in winter directly with snow, wrapping the plant like a veil.

As the Russian proverb says: "The eyes are afraid, but the hands are doing." So everyone who decides to grow frost-resistant grape varieties can only wish good luck!

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We used to grow the North Saperavi variety. I will not say that he tolerated frost a lot, but the harvest was stable every year. In addition, if the summer was not very rainy and there was enough sun, then the bunches grew huge, and the berries were juicy. Therefore, a good harvest depends here not only on frost.