The main ways to grow strawberries at home

Strawberries are considered the most beautiful, delicious and very healthy berry. People also call her "The Queen of Berries". Almost every summer cottage or private house has a little territory for its cultivation. And so you always want to get an excellent result after long-term grooming of strawberries. But what are the ways to grow strawberries?


  Home ridges

   home beds

One of the most popular growing methods strawberry are the ridges. Ridges are trapezoidal beds on which strawberry bushes are planted. Then they are covered with light or dark mulch (film).

As for the planting season for strawberry bushes, it can occur at any time except winter.

  • Most often, strawberries are planted after the snow melts. Around the beginning of April, then it will develop very quickly.
  • If the planting takes place in May, then the development will be slightly slowed down.
  • If planted in the first months of summer, then the harvest will be for the next season.
  • The last month for planting strawberry bushes falls in September.

The weather for planting strawberries should be damp and cloudy. And the ridges are made from north to south.

Methods for planting strawberries in the gardening method:

  1. One-liner landing. With this method, the following proportions are observed: the distance between the ridges is about 70 centimeters, and between the strawberry bushes themselves there are about 20 centimeters in the ridges. This method speaks for itself. In other words, one strip with bushes is made in one tape.
  2. Two-line fit. This method is very similar to the one-liner. It also has a distance between the ridges of exactly 60-70 centimeters. Only now, instead of one length of tape with plants, two are made. The distance between them is approximately 30 cm. And between the strawberry bushes - 15-12 cm.

Before planting, all strawberry roots are shortened to 7 cm.

In order for the rows to be even and beautiful, the ridges are marked with a cord. To do this, take a tape measure, mark the places. Insert a knob from opposite ends of the territory. Tie a cord on it from one side and pull it to the opposite, thus forming an even ribbon bed for planting strawberries. Then a quarter-meter shelf is taken, and places along the line of the cord are marked for future bushes... The ground is covered with a canvas - roofing felt or lutrasil. A cutout is made on this canvas for planting bushes. In these holes, holes are made, into which a liter of water is poured. As soon as the earth has absorbed water, they put in this hole seedlings and fasten it tightly with wet mud, at the end sprinkle the bush with dry earth and firmly press the earth around the plant with your hands. If the plants are not firmly rooted in the ground, they may die. The "heart" of seedling strawberries should be planted so that it is level with the ground.

After the strawberries have been planted in the ground, every day they need to to water half a liter of water. Do this throughout the week. The earth must be mulched so that the earth does not crust over and retain moisture. Only healthy seedlings should be carefully selected and planted.

  Growing by shelter or tunneling

shelter method

Growing strawberries, a shelter method, in other words, is also called a shelter with film tunnels.With the help of such a planting, plants can develop much faster than in an open space (for half a month).

Such a tunnel is being designed in mid-spring.

Strawberries are grown in this way, which already bear fruit for 1 or 2 years. Wire arcs are laid on the beds. The height, which is half a meter, and the ends go deep into the ground. These arcs are located at a distance of a meter from each other and are superficially covered with a film. To prevent the film from sagging, it is fixed with twine.

A rail is placed on one side of the film along the bed, and on the other - some kind of heavy sign. The thing is that strawberry bushes will need to be watered, fertilize, ventilate and harvest. And so it is convenient, you just need to remove this item and start courtship work. There should be a thermometer in such a tunnel. If the temperature has reached 25 degrees, it is necessary to ventilate.

The film is removed in good weather and strawberry flowering.

In summer, strawberries should be watered in the morning with warm water. With the arrival of autumn, strawberry bushes cover the leaves of corn or straw.

  Method of growing in vertical beds

vertical ridges

This planting method also speaks for itself. That is, strawberries are grown in special containers in vertical beds.

The advantage of such cultivation is a large harvest of berries in a small area.

For strawberry bushes, you can take cone-shaped or pyramidal containers, the height of which is 10 cm and a volume of one and a half liters. The distance between the bushes is 10-20 cm. The soil should be marked with peat, turf, sand and humus.

The containers are placed one-on-one with the seedlings, forming a vertical bed. In this case, you need to often water it with warm water - 250 ml of ode up to 3 times a week.

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If you plant strawberries in the spring, the harvest will not be as good as when planting in the fall. During autumn, winter and spring, strawberry seedlings gain strength and take root. In spring, the earth is full of moisture and warmth. The plant can grow and develop freely. And if planted in spring, then strawberries need time for rooting and for flowering, and for the formation of the fruit. Accordingly, the fruit will be smaller.

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I always like vertical strawberry cultivation in the pictures - it looks amazing! But it seems to me that these are staged photos - you cannot get a strawberry harvest with such cultivation, alas ...