Gardening Tips: How to Plant Grapes in Spring

Grapes are a very healthy and tasty fruit. That is why it has gained a fairly high level of popularity among gardeners. In order to get good yields of this plant, it is necessary, first of all, to make its correct planting.


Breeding methods for grapes

Breeding methods for grapes

Today there is a very many ways to propagate grapes... This plant can be propagated using seeds or vegetatively. When planting grapes from seeds, you get its individual variety. If you propagate this grape from cuttings, you can get a bush that will be identical to the bush from which the cutting was taken.

It is also possible to propagate by layering or grafting methods.

Grape propagation is best done in spring. This will ensure a high reproduction rate for the plant. Planting cuttings or grape bushes is produced in spring, after the soil has completely warmed up. The most effective planting methods in the spring are planting seedlings or cuttings.

Features of spring planting of grapes with seedlings

Features of spring planting of grapes with seedlings

In order to get an excellent grape harvest, it is necessary to plant it correctly.

To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Pick up a drop-off site.
  • Dig a landing hole.
  • Install the irrigation pipe.
  • Fertilize the plant.
  • Plant a bush.

Grapes are very fond of sun and warmth. Therefore, its landing is carried out in a well-lit area that is not free from sunlight:

  • The most time consuming job when planting grapes is digging a planting hole.
  • Its depth should be about 80 centimeters, and its diameter should be about 60 centimeters.
  • When digging a hole, it is necessary to divide the soil into two heaps, one of which will consist of the upper layer of soil, and the second from the lower one.
  • Further, rubble must be poured onto the bottom of the pit. Its layer should be about 10-15 centimeters.
  • Crushed stone must be leveled at the bottom of the pit and tamped a little.
  • Further, a pipe is installed in the southwestern part of the pit, the diameter of which is 50 millimeters and the length is 1 meter.
  • Installation of the pipe is necessary for watering the grapes in the future.

After installing the pipe, it is necessary to prepare top dressing for the future grapes.

This requires:

  • Take humus and fertile soil and mix it.
  • The resulting mixture is laid out on the bottom of the pit and compacted well.
  • This fertilizer must be covered with earth.

After carrying out these procedures, the depth of the pit should be about 50 centimeters. Into this pit is carried planting a bush of grapes... In the first years of his life, he will feed on ordinary soil. After its roots grow to top dressing, it will take strength for growth, flowering and fruiting from it.

When planting a bush of grapes, it is necessary to place a little top dressing on the northern side of the pit, because it also needs top dressing for growth in the first years of life.

In the pit, the seedling is placed with its roots to the south, and buds to the north.Sprinkle the roots of the bush with soil. The soil does not require compaction. Otherwise, the root system of the grapes can be damaged, which will negatively affect its future fruiting.

Planting grape cuttings in spring

Planting grapes by cuttings

A very effective method of propagating grapes is planting cuttings... This procedure is performed in the spring. To do this, you must first of all prepare cuttings correctly in the fall. They are cut from the best grape bushes, which are characterized by excellent taste and a high level of fruiting. Cuttings are harvested in September-October when pruning grape bushes. For cuttings, you need to take the middle part of the summer shoots. They should already bear fruit. This will significantly increase the yield of the future bush. You can also choose shoots that are cut to a replacement knot.

The diameter of the shoots, like the length of the internodes, should be about 7-10 milligrams.

If the cuttings are taken from grapes that have a very thin vine, then their size may be slightly smaller.

After the vine is cut, leaves, tendrils, unripe tops and stepsons are removed from it. After that, it is necessary to cut off the cuttings from the shoot, on which there are about 3-4 buds.

After the cuttings are selected, must be soaked in water for a day and process in a solution of ferrous sulfate, as well as dry and mark.

It is necessary to store cuttings in a basement, refrigerator, dry cellar or other room, the temperature of which ranges from 0 to +2 degrees. Before you put the cuttings for storage, they must be wrapped in foil.

Cuttings are planted in the spring even before the juices begin to move in the grapes:

  • Before planting cuttings, they must be processed.
  • Initially, it is necessary to refresh the cuts (that is, to trim them a few centimeters above the autumn cuts).
  • Next, the stalk must be soaked in water for several days.
  • In order to protect the cutting, its top is dipped in melted and hot paraffin wax.
  • To accelerate the germination of the cutting, its lower part must be dipped in a special solution.
  • You can prepare them yourself from water and honey or water and heteroauxin tablets.

For high-quality germination of grape cuttings, it is best to plant them in disposable glasses, plastic bottles or plastic bags at the end of February - beginning of March.

Cutting grapes in bottles

The bottle needs:

  • Cut off the top and make several holes at the bottom.
  • A drainage is placed at its bottom, which is covered from above with a thin layer of soil mixture.
  • The handle is installed in the bottle at an angle.
  • In this case, the upper eye of the cutting should be at a level with top edge of the bottle.
  • It is necessary to fill the bottle with old sawdust, which are pre-steamed.
  • The bottle must be placed on a windowsill or in any other place that is exposed to sunlight.
  • The eye of the cutting should be on the sunny side.
  • The bottle is covered with a plastic cup on top, which is removed only if the shoot does not fit in it.
  • Watering of seedlings is done through pallets.

In no case should you remove the cups from the cuttings. The plant should be located in a room with a temperature of +20 - +25 degrees.

Also, planting cuttings can be done in plastic cups:

  • For this, it is best to use a 0.5 liter container.
  • With the help of an awl, four holes must be made at the bottom of the cup.
  • A layer of nutrient mixture is poured onto the bottom of the glass, which consists of leaf humus.
  • In the middle of the glass is placed a two hundred milligram plastic glass without a bottom.
  • The space between the glasses is covered with earth and compacted well.
  • In the middle of a small glass, you need to pour river sand and water it.
  • After that, a small cup is pulled out, and a hole is made in the resulting funnel of sand and a stalk is placed.
  • The glass is covered with a plastic bottle and placed in a warm and sunny place.

Cutting grapes in plastic bags

To plant grape cuttings in a plastic bag, you must:

  • Put a piece of wet foam rubber at the bottom.
  • The cuttings are installed on foam rubber and wrap well.
  • Germination of grapes occurs within ten days after planting.

Planting cuttings directly into the ground is carried out only after the buds of the cuttings have blossomed and several leaves have appeared on them.

To plant cuttings in the ground, it is necessary to dig a hole at the bottom of which fertilizer is placed. From above it must be covered with soil, and then place a plastic pipe there for further watering. Next, a stalk is placed in the pit and covered with earth. In this case, there is no need to tamp the soil. All sprouted cutting leaves should remain on the surface of the ground.

Spring disembarkation is most effective.

Statistics show that 95 percent of grape cuttings and bushes survive when planted produced in the spring... Grapes begin to bear fruit the next year after planting, provided that they are properly cared for.

More information can be found in the video.

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At school we were taught by work to plant grapes with cuttings and said that this is the most reliable way.