Beautiful flower beds in the country - varieties and beautiful design

Become the owner of luxury flower bed every summer resident dreams. With the help of ornamental plants, you can not only turn a summer cottage into a work of art, but also combine the space or, conversely, divide it into sectors, visually expand the area of ​​the site.


Varieties of flower beds

Varieties of flower beds

To arouse the envy of neighbors, you need to not only carefully look after flowers and choose bright, beautiful varieties, but also imagine how the future flower bed will look like. The varieties and colors of plants should be in harmony with each other and with other plants on the site, at home.

Beautiful flower beds in the country are the fruit of labor and rich imagination.

There are several varieties of flower bed design:

  • Floral border. The name speaks for itself. This is a narrow strip of flowers planted along a path, path, sometimes around a house or other building. For this design, low-growing flowers are chosen that will bloom densely enough to form a continuous strip. You can make them one-color or multi-color.
  • Rabatka. This intricate word is called an ordinary rectangular flower bed, reminiscent of a floral carpet. Quite an easy option for novice gardeners. It can be complicated and turned into a masterpiece, for example, made inside a small pond, build several tiers or create a drawing using flowers.
  • Mixborder. This is a free-form flower bed. In the form of islands, waves or whatever. Anything that defies an unambiguous description is called a mixborder. Recently, this design has become especially popular.
  • Mono flower. This is a flower bed with one kind of flowers. It is simple to design and leaving, since the flowers are the same, and caring for them does not require a different approach. Simplicity does not mean that such a flower garden is less beautiful. With the right choice of colors and shades, the flower bed will look impressive.
  • Vertical flower bed. This is a challenge for more experienced gardeners. The easiest option is to stack several pots of different sizes on top of each other and fill them with flowers that are similar in appearance, but different in color.

Flowers for a flower bed in the country

Flowers for flower beds in the country

The choice of flowers for flower beds is simply incredible. You can find any flowers of any shape, color, height and with any requirement. We will consider only some of the common and most unpretentious options for the "lazy":

  • Lilies of the valley... Delicate and incredibly fragrant lilies of the valley are very unpretentious in leaving... They bloom in early spring and make the suburban area truly exquisite. You don't even need them often feed... Some gardeners claim that their lilies of the valley bloom and smell without any feeding. Lilies of the valley very frost-resistant... In addition to the familiar white lily of the valley, there is also a pale pink variety.
  • Mallow... Malva is familiar to everyone since childhood. Children in the courtyards make "dolls" from these bright colors. Tall flowers, several large buds on the stem. Their real name is stock-rose... They need to be planted in a sunny place; they do not need frequent watering. You can find rare, incredibly high varieties up to 3 m, the colors are very different.
  • Petunias... Bright petunias can be seen in parks and city gardens. Its flowers are shaped like a gramophone. It looks very beautiful both in a flower bed and in a pot. With this flower, you can create incredible compositions.
  • Poppies. Fire poppies will become a real decoration of your garden. Despite their beauty, poppies are very unpretentious. They can do without frequent feeding and glaze... We often come across scarlet poppies, but there are also pink, yellow and even two-colored poppies.
  • Clematis... This is a very beautiful creeping flower. They are wrapped around gazebos, building walls, fences, it is also suitable for original flower beds. The flowers are not large with pointed petals. A very beautiful sight, clematis can be confused with a rare exotic plant. It is very easy to grow, great for beginners.
  • Forget-me-nots... Touching small flowers will perfectly decorate a flower bed in early spring. Traditional forget-me-nots are blue, but there are also pink and white varieties. These flowers grow low, and if planted frequently, the flower bed will look like a carpet.

Interesting flower bed design

Interesting flower bed design

Fantasy and skillful hands will help you transform your personal plot beyond recognition. You have the opportunity to make an absolutely original flower bed, which no one else will have.

Any old things will do for such a flower bed. For example, kettles and watering cans or even baths, toilets.

They can be painted with bright colors, hoisted in the yard and placed in them bright low flowers... It will look very original. To create an atmosphere of abandonment, plant small flowers in a sink, leaving a faucet in it. And between the flowers, stick bright plates or cups into the ground. For the same purpose, chairs and beds are used as a frame for flower beds. One gets the feeling that this is an abandoned but very beautiful place. Decorations for flower beds from old tires have long been known. You can make literally anything from them: animals, an outlandish vase, a swan and much more. Several tires of different sizes, laid on top of each other, look beautiful. If you plant creeping flowers, you get a small flower waterfall.

If your site has wood or even a tree stump, it can be used as a pot holder or as a support for bindweed. You can also make a flower bed from a log by cutting out the middle and planting flowers there.

In an old chest of drawers, you can plant flowers in each drawer, you get a multi-level flower bed.

You can also make a support for curly flowers from an old bicycle. Or even make them look like a cyclist. Wooden objects, organized under flower beds, look incredibly interesting. For example, you can make an interesting table from hemp and pieces of wood. Plant small ones in the middle flowers, and put tea cups around the edges. You can overlay the flower bed with large stones, replacing some with flower pots. It is better to plant different flowers in the pots and the flower bed itself.

Flower bed care

Flower bed care

In order for your flower bed to delight you for a long time and not lose its blooming appearance, it is worth adhering to some care recommendations:

  1. As soon as you have planted flowers, they must be watered immediately, regardless of whether they are moisture-loving or not.
  2. Saplings one must have in abundance. If a flower does not take root, it is replaced with another one of the same height. This will prevent spoiling the composition.
  3. Until the flower bed has turned into a solid carpet, the earth between the flowers is loosened. It is especially important to do this before watering. This will help the water reach the roots better.
  4. During the period of active growth, flowers need feed... For this purpose, you can purchase mineral or organic fertilizers.
  5. After your flower bed has bloomed, don't forget to remove the inflorescences.
  6. During frosts, the plants must be covered with foil. As soon as the heat returns, the film is removed.
  7. Annual plants are removed in late autumn, the earth is dug up. And perennials must be covered for the winter.
  8. Don't water your flower garden very often. Even for moisture-loving plants, this will not be useful.Watering is necessary rarely, but abundantly, so that the soil is well saturated with moisture. From frequent watering, a crust forms on the soil surface, which does not allow air and water to pass to the roots.
  9. Be sure to weed in the summer weeds... They not only spoil the look of the flower bed, but also interfere with growth.
  10. If rainfall is rare in your area, spray the plants. The water jet should not be too strong so as not to damage fragile flowers, but enough to wash the dust off the leaves.
  11. Perennial plants that may still bloom in autumn are best cut off immediately after flowering. Some flowers are cut very close to the ground.
  12. Do not leave tall plants with large, heavy flowers unsupported. It does not have to be a stick, you can purchase or come up with a decorative support, and tie the flower with a ribbon.
  13. As you leave, move away those buds that have already wilted. This is done not only for decorative purposes, but also to allow other buds to bloom more luxuriantly.

Flower beds of all types and shapes are the best decoration suburban area. They open up room for imagination and allow you to decorate the territory according to your own taste.

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