The most beautiful undersized flowers for your garden

For the most beautiful flower arrangements in the garden, you can pick up undersized plants with small buds. They will allow you to build multi-tiered non-standard flower beds, they can also be used as edging for taller plants and used as a border for framing paths and areas. Low-growing flowers for the garden can be picked up with almost any color of buds, which opens up wide possibilities for the imagination of gardeners.


Low-growing annuals

 types and description

Low-growing annuals are the best way to create a beautiful composition in a flower bed already in the year of planting. You can combine asthenia with each other with different colors and shapes of buds, this will create a unique flower garden that will be easy to care for.

Some of the most interesting undersized annuals for a flower bed:

  • Purslane - one of the most beautiful flowers, widely spread due to its unpretentiousness and resistance to drought. Purslane has semi-double or double buds of various shades: they can be yellow, pink, cream, orange, etc. The plant quickly forms a blooming green carpet, it can be placed both on a flat area and on a slope.
  • Calceolaria are a non-standard garden decoration. Such flowers look exotic due to their spongy shape and bright red-yellow colors, they attract attention from afar. Calceolaria are early flowering plants: they adorn the flower bed from the beginning of April and continue to bloom until June.
  • Ageratum is a good solution both for self-cultivation and for use as a border or frame for flower beds... Ageratum continues to bloom all summer, but for fur flowering he needs frequent abundant watering, and dried buds must be removed from the plants.
  • Marigold - the usual summer cottage solution. They have bright large buds of yellow, burgundy and all shades of orange. Since there are a lot of buds, they turn into a continuous variegated carpet, on which greenery is not even visible. At the same time, marigolds are unpretentious, they do not require complex care and frequent watering.

These are just some of the small-stemmed annuals that can be used to decorate your garden. All of them can be used to decorate a monoclumba or to frame taller flowering plants. Annuals are good for experimentation: every year you can decorate the garden in a new way, choosing the most interesting and unusual combinations of shades of buds.

Stunted perennials

Stunted perennials

Planting perennials requires preliminary planning: flowers should not interfere with each other, and you need to plan in advance how the buds of different shades will look. The advantage of biennial and perennial plants is that you do not need to plant flowers again every year, many crops can calmly endure even a very harsh winter and delight the owner with lush flowering next year.

The most common two-year-old plants include the well-known pansies, forget-me-nots, daisiesand also the violets of Wittrock.

Such plants look great in a variety of combinations: they can be planted in rectangular flower beds, in rows, build complex and non-standard compositions. Low-growing biennial flowers are quite unpretentious, many of them begin to bloom in early May.

Perennial low-growing flowers include the following types of plants:

  • Phlox subulate is a very beautiful and unusual plant with bright lilac buds. Dense inflorescences look like bright five-pointed stars, it can be planted in large flower beds. It begins to bloom from the beginning of May, you can pick up varieties not only with purple, but also with white or purple buds.
  • Yaskolka - a flower with white buds, a bit resembling chamomile... It has low stems, they grow densely and turn the flower bed into a beautiful dark green carpet with white and yellow flowers. Yaskolka is a sun-loving plant; it is better to choose an open area for it.
  • To decorate the garden in autumn, you can plant chrysanthemum Korean, shrub aster or crockworms - all of them are characterized by late flowering and will decorate the site even when other plants have already faded and crumbled. Autumn perennials look very beautiful, you can build interesting compositions on flower beds.

Low-growing perennials must be carefully selected depending on their sensitivity to sun and shade. It is necessary to plan in advance what plants are supposed to be grown in the garden in the next few years so that the shade from the trees and large shrubs does not interfere with the sun-loving flowers.

Rules for caring for low-growing flowers

Rules for caring for low-growing flowers

Each flowerbed looks beautiful only with regular leaving taking into account the characteristics of all types of flowering plants. The main care is loosening the soil to ensure air flow to the roots, weeding with constant removal weeds, removal of dry buds and diseased plants that have to be replaced with new ones. To make the flower bed look well-groomed, it is necessary to constantly inspect the plants: all faded buds are removed, diseased or damaged shoots are removed.

Low-growing plants must remain at the required height, so it is important to prevent over-stretching of the shoots.

Its cause may be a lack of light, so sun-loving plants are planted only in open, well-lit spaces.

For a flower bed, it is important to choose the right fertilizers: An excess of nitrogen fertilizers leads to the growth of green mass, which reduces the decorative qualities of the flower bed. Top dressing must be carried out strictly on schedule, as excess fertilizer can cause significant harm root system.

There are several more important recommendations for maintaining flower beds and flower beds:

  1. When planning a flower bed, it must be borne in mind that almost all flowers turn their buds after the sun, so it is desirable that the view opens from the south and west. If this is not possible, then you can plant plants that do not follow the sun: this irises, marigold, delphinium and many others.
  2. When planting, it is important to ensure that there is sufficient distance between the plants. Many undersized flower species grow quickly and will need to be thinned out very soon. Too dense planting leads to stretching of the stems, the plants will be weaker and lose their decorative qualities.
  3. Dead and dried plants must be removed in a timely manner by gradually updating the flower bed. Older plants bloom much less abundantly, so even perennials need to be periodically refreshed to make the flower bed look beautiful.

As a rule, caring for low-growing flowers does not present any particular difficulties: almost all of them are undemanding to the soil, you can easily provide the correct regime glaze and provide a permanent beautiful bloom.

How to decorate a flower bed beautifully - some interesting ideas

How to decorate a flower bed beautifully - some interesting ideas

Creating a flower bed with undersized flowers is a creative and fun process that allows you to show your imagination and create a real work of art in the garden.

You can combine flowers of different shades in different ways, build flower beds of complex geometric shapes, or use combinations of annuals, biennials and perennials. Do not be afraid to experiment, you can create the most beautiful and brightest flower bed, which will become the main decoration of the summer cottage.

When creating a flower bed, you can follow simple rules:

  • Flowers in vibrant warm colors are used to draw attention, while buds in cool colors can be used to create backgrounds and framing. So to create an elegant bright flower beds are perfect nasturtium and marigold, but forget-me-nots will create a beautiful background for bright buds of bulbous plants.
  • A flower bed from several sections with warm and cold tones of buds, arranged in a checkerboard pattern, looks original. This is an excellent choice for decorating a playground in a recreation area; comfortable benches can be placed on all four sides of the flower bed.
  • Dwarf plants are suitable for creating a non-standard composition using stones. They are planted between stones on a slope or on a flat surface, the flower garden looks elegant and original.
  • Another interesting idea is a round-shaped flower bed, divided into sectors. Each "hour" shows one group of colors in one of 12 shades. This is an interesting decoration for a spacious area.
  • If you want to create a vertical flower garden or alpine slide, you can plant different varieties of sun-loving and shade-loving plants using steps. The rock garden can be located near the entrance to the house or make it part of a recreation area.

Low-growing flowers will be an excellent solution for any suburban or suburban area. It is important to be able to show imagination to create the most interesting and original composition that will become a non-standard and memorable decoration.

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Low-growing flowers look very attractive in flower beds and alpine slides, it is a pleasure to care for them. Alpine aster, daisies grow in my garden, but most of all I love pansies.