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A decorative garden created from improvised means will have an attractive appearance all year round. And the opportunity to constantly improve it and fill it with various ideas will give the cottage an original and beautiful look.

How to turn a boring summer cottage into a real paradise? You just need to try to create a beautiful place that will delight the eye and increase vitality, filling the soul with calmness and raising the spirits. Every summer resident can decorate a summer cottage, spending a minimum of money. To do this, you just need to give free rein to imagination and delve into old things. Moreover, for this venture, you can use a variety of household items that have served their time: plastic bottles, car tires, advertising banners, old furniture and even shoes.


Garden path ideas

Garden path ideas

In addition to being practical, garden paths can also help create original designs by effectively transforming a garden plot. Materials for paths can be very diverse, it all depends on the style of the garden and the available budget. Trails can be made of stone, concrete, gravel or rubble, wood, and even plastic and rubber. Fantasy is of direct importance here.

Types of paths for the garden:

  1. Stone paths. Natural stones are the most durable and versatile coating. The use of marble, labradorite, granite, basalt, limestone or sandstone for this purpose will beautifully emphasize the landscape of the garden. Stone for paths can be chosen in various colors and shades, regular and irregular shapes. When laying the path, the stones can be delimited by grass or moss, and also laid out strictly end-to-end. But it should be borne in mind that this material will require certain skills when laying out, however, the result is worth it. The advantages of such paths are such parameters as: a long period of operation, resistance to external factors (weather conditions, the load from the effects of technology), an advantageous aesthetic appearance and a huge variety of shapes and textures.
  2. Paving slab paths. This material is very popular due to its qualities: it lasts a long time and is resistant to weather conditions. A rich color palette and different shapes give such materials versatility and allow the summer resident to realize various design ideas. Paving slabs are easy to install and fit perfectly into any garden style. The tile can be chipped or sawn, made from concrete, granite or sandstone. It can be laid out in one color, in the form of a mosaic, or create abstract patterns. The advantages of tiles are availability and versatility.
  3. Wooden walkways.Wood is not durable, but with the help of special coatings, impregnations and proper placement, you can increase the resistance of this material to negative environmental factors. When choosing wood, you should pay special attention to larch and oak - these are optimal species for paving paths, and conifers also have good characteristics. Original ideas can be created with minimal cost from the remnants of material sawn into beams or ring cuts. Terrace boards can also be used, but this is more costly and less decorative.

Also for the manufacture of garden paths you can use:

  • concrete, which can be poured according to the classical scheme in an even layer or various special forms can be used
  • bulk material - crushed stone, gravel or pebbles of different colors and shades. To create them, it is enough to prepare the soil, lay out a border of stone, brick, bottles and other means along the contour
  • glass and plastic bottles, as well as lids from them - paths made of this improvised material decorate the garden in an original way and brightly, it is enough to show a little imagination
  • paths made of plastic and car tires - such paths are convenient and functional, they can be easily moved from place to place. This is the cheapest and most temporary option, which is more used for practical purposes.

There can be a lot of options for garden paths and everyone can choose the appropriate option. And, using ingenuity and imagination, ordinary details are presented as masterpieces of art.

Bright design of an artificial reservoir

Bright design of an artificial reservoir

An artificial reservoir, which can be built without much effort, will become a wonderful decoration for any garden. An artificial pond can be made from various materials:

  • Concrete reservoir. Quite costly material that requires special skills. But, such a design is quite durable and can be used for a long time.
  • Using plastic molds. The ready-made molds made of PVC or fiberglass are quick and easy to install. The service life of such a pond ranges from 5 to 30 years, depending on the quality.
  • Film. You can use the cheapest polyethylene, but it will not last long, butyl rubber, PVC film or old advertising banners. Each material has its own service life, usually not exceeding 10 years, except for butyl rubber. It is able to withstand repeated freezing and can last up to 50 years.
  • Ponds from the old bath. If you are smart, then this container will be the perfect solution for an artificial pond: it can simply be painted in bright colors or deepened into the ground to bring it closer to a natural reservoir.
  • Ponds made of basins and car tires look approximately equally attractive and neat. They can be dug into the ground or placed on its surface, creating a decorative finish.
  • An interesting idea is an artificial reservoir made of plastic bottles. Such a pond is suitable for those who want to decorate the site, but prevent mosquitoes from breeding. After all, this is a completely decorative structure without the use of water.

In order for the pond to have exquisite decorative properties, it should be beautifully refined. To decorate the banks, stones of various sizes can be used, arranging them in a chaotic or strict order. The islands in the middle of the reservoir, which are often decorated with plants and decorative figurines, also look spectacular. The bottom can be smeared with pebbles or colored pebbles, and floating plants can be placed in the water. Various fountains, waterfalls or streams, which can also be built with your own hands, are very popular today.

Beautiful swing in the country

Beautiful swing in the country

An attribute such as a swing will be a joy to both children and adults. And for this it is not at all necessary to go beyond the family budget.To make a swing, you can use the remnants of building materials, old furniture, tires, sports hoops and even basins, with which you can give an original design.

Also, the swing can be suspended or located on ground supports.

They can be decorated with vegetation, paints, small stones, coins, beads, artificial flowers, fabric and other tinsel. In general, as far as imagination is enough. The main thing is that the structure itself is stable, strong and safe to use.

How to make a swing with your own hands can be spied on the Internet, where many diagrams of various designs are presented, or you can invent your own design.

A flower garden or flower bed will add color

A flower garden or flower bed will add color

An ornamental garden is simply impossible to imagine without flowers planted on flower beds or flower beds... But in order to create beautiful compositions, you must adhere to some rules that are relevant in landscape design:

  • Integrity and completeness of the general appearance. A well-designed garden is a holistic composition that is made up of a landscape. An important task is to bring every single element to perfection. After all, simply planting individual flowers on the site will not give any result. Beautiful flower beds and flower beds are created by combining well-chosen plants of various varieties.
  • You need to arrange the plants by size. This rule involves planting low-growing plants and flowers in the foreground. They serve as a kind of edging for the flower bed. Next should be medium-sized and tall plants. It is on them that the first glance will be turned. But you should take into account the compatibility of colors and the period flowering each plant.
  • Flower garden shape. Flower arrangements can be flat, raised, have even and embossed borders. If there is not especially a lot of space on the site, then you can resort to the help of imagination and use different utensils as flower beds: old shoes that can be hung or installed in a designated place, vases, old teapots, basins, tires. Thanks to improvised pots, which act as decor in themselves, you can experiment with the arrangement of flowers and compare their compatibility.
  • Flower garden design scheme. To do this, you need to carefully select blooming and decorative flowers that will harmonize and delight the eye all season, and perhaps all year round. To facilitate the work, you can use ready-made schemes.

Flowerbeds and flower beds favorably emphasize decorative borders, which can also be decorated with classic stone and brick, or use more creative ideas using paints and decorative materials that can turn plastic bottles and other trash suitable for decoration into graceful flower beds that can emphasize beauty of flowers and harmoniously fit into the overall picture.

Plastic bottles for decorating a summer cottage

Plastic bottles for decorating a summer cottage

A variety of figurines of animals and other bizarre shapes will add the finishing touch to the garden composition. Moreover, such figures can be placed anywhere - both in the courtyard and on the approaches to the gate. Surprisingly, in the opinion of many, real trash is used to make chic figures.

At first glance, unnecessary things like plastic bottles are an excellent material for decorating a garden.

To make crafts from bottles, you need to have at hand colorful paints, scissors, a little imagination and visual instructions that can be found on the World Wide Web. Figures of fairytale heroes, various insects, birds and animals, artificial palms, cacti and ferns... These can be both separate decorative elements and functional things, for example, flowerpots and flower pots.

With a little effort and a minimum of cost, you can create an exclusive garden, decorate recreation and play areas.In this case, it is safe to say that no one has such a summer residence.

How tires can be used

How tires can be used

The boundaries of human fantasy are truly great. Even things like old car tires can be given a second life and enjoy the pleasure of looking at them. In addition to garden paths, swings and flowerpots, real works of art can be made from tires. With their help, the summer cottage will be decorated with zebras and giraffes, turtles and snails, fairy swans and other characters.

In addition to the main material, time and imagination, for the manufacture of crafts you will need:

  • shovels
  • chains
  • ropes
  • knives
  • scissors
  • paints and brushes
  • beads, beads, buttons, etc.

Original functional items can also be made from tires: sinks, ottomans, tables, armchairs and many other household items, while spending a minimum of money.

Creation of an amazing scarecrow

Creation of an amazing scarecrow

To scare away uninvited guests, such as birds, who are not averse to eating vegetables, fruits and berries, they traditionally use a scarecrow in the garden. However, the functions of this product should be aimed at expelling feathered pests, but should not violate the integrity of the decorations of the summer cottage in any way.

When making a scarecrow, you need to include imagination, use bright items of clothing and decorative items.

To scare away birds, it is enough for the scarecrow to correspond to the parameters of a person, and in the aesthetic elements of design, the flight of imagination is limitless. As a result, the scarecrow can carry not only protective functions, but also amuse children and make neighbors and guests smile.

How to use old shoes

How to use old shoes

As mentioned above, old shoes are most often used as pots or flower pots. However, the location of such containers also play an important role in the decor of the suburban area.

Any thing can become an interior item if you "breathe" new life into it.

For example, flowerpots made from old shoes will effectively decorate the walls of buildings and fences. They will also successfully hide all defects caused by time.

Even a small and nondescript suburban area can be transformed and create a cozy corner where there will be a comfortable atmosphere for relaxation and entertainment. Both the adult and the child will have something to do and admire. To do this, you need to make a little personal time and give freedom to the flight of imagination.

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This is where the scope for the embodiment of creative ideas! Flower beds, paths and ponds can be beautifully and individually decorated. But still, you don't want to litter your corner of nature with plastic bottles and car tires.

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In skillful hands, the most familiar and seemingly obsolete things turn into works of art! And yet, in everything, a measure is needed so that the dacha does not turn into a collection of rubbish. After all, all the elements of the country design should be thoughtfully located, complement each other. Decorating a summer cottage is a great opportunity to express yourself for everyone who has a sense of style. But if there are no such talents, it is better to limit yourself to flower beds and garden gnomes ...

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