A simple brick brazier with your own hands: step by step instructions

A recreation area on a garden plot - who does not dream of it, even having several acres of land. After hard work in the beds, you want to rest, fry kebabs and relax in the fresh air. Many summer residents want to build a brick brazier - this is not only a convenient and practical facility for preparing delicious barbecue, but also an additional highlight of the garden.

Even a simple brick structure will make your garden look good. If the gardener has a gazebo, the barbecue can be built right in it. As a result, you can cook a meat delicacy and have a good time with friends in any weather, without running from the open barbecue home and back.


Forms of barbecue facilities, principle of operation

Forms of barbecue facilities, principle of operation

The rectangular shape of the barbecue has become traditional and familiar to everyone. Masters do not recommend changing it, since a rectangular or square shape is considered optimal for cooking. The brickwork of the barbecue can be the letter "P", which is also convenient and practical. The designs differ among themselves by additional elements - a table for cooking, compartments for storing dishes and other kitchen utensils.

If the gardener wants to equip the veranda and build a brazier in it, he will have to supplement it with a chimney.

In this case, the construction will be a little more complicated, without a bend in the gazebo it will be smoky. Now the masters of their craft are building real works of art - chic ovens where you can cook not only barbecue, but also any other dish, up to soups. But it is better to entrust such designs to professionals. Here we will talk about simple brick barbecues that even a beginner can make.

The optimal shape of the barbecue is rectangular or in the form of the letter "P". The design assumes the presence of a table, the brazier itself and a wood log. You can skip the table, everything is at the discretion of the gardener. The brazier can be built without the use of cement-concrete mixture - "dry". For this, legs of bricks are erected, a heat-resistant sheet is laid on them, which is covered with a heat-resistant brick. The walls are being erected and that's it - the barbecue is ready. Such a structure can be easily disassembled and assembled elsewhere. A stationary grill with the use of a binding material for laying bricks is safer and more practical. The form and principle of operation of the structure will not change from the method of laying the barbecue.

Choosing a place for the barbecue

Choosing a place for the barbecue

For a stationary barbecue, you should choose a specific place. Since a simple brazier involves an open fire, the area under it should be removed from trees, bushes and other flammable objects. If you plan to build a brazier with the letter "P" with a chimney, a table and other devices, you need to choose a fairly large area so that you can place a table, chairs and a canopy next to the structure - in a word, build a gazebo for a barbecue. Regardless of the type of construction, choose a place closer to home so that you do not have to run around with kebabs through the whole garden.

It is also worth considering the proximity of plantings - flower beds, beds or alpine slides.

The brazier should be no closer than two meters from them. It is also worth orienting yourself with the winds that mainly blow in the region so that the smoke is not directed at the people preparing the shish kebab. When frying, smoke should not interfere, and the fire should not pose a danger to closely located plantings and structures.

Having decided on the place and shape of the barbecue, you can proceed to the first stage of construction. Let's analyze the method of laying a simple, stationary brick barbecue with the letter "P".

Building materials

Building materials

Before you start laying, prepare the necessary material in advance. For a standard barbecue, 1 m high and 60-70 cm wide, no more than 300 bricks are needed. The height of the barbecue is determined at the level of the wrist from the ground - its height should be comfortable for the owner, usually a meter.

The width of the firebox should be oriented according to the size of the grate or skewers.

The foundation for a standard barbecue is laid out on an area of ​​1m. sq. Based on the size of the foundation and the structure itself, you can calculate the exact number of bricks. For masonry you will need:

  • Cement-lime mixture. It is needed for laying the first rows of the base.
  • A cement-clay mixture is necessary to bind the bricks of the hot zone of the barbecue. For a barbecue stove, it is better to use a cement-fireclay mortar.
  • For the first rows of the base, use solid red brick, for the firebox - fireclay.
  • For the foundation - reinforcing bars or mesh, formwork, cement-sand mortar.
  • Metal sheets, corners (if you plan to make a chimney).
  • Roofing material as waterproofing.

These are the necessary materials for the construction of a standard, simple barbecue. You can add finishing tiles, paving slabs to this list in case you plan to decorate the structure and give it a more aesthetic look. Having prepared all the materials, you can start building.

Simple brazier: stages of construction

 stages of construction

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. For the foundation, it is necessary to dig a hole 15-20 cm deep.If the structure is rather massive, the depth will reach 50 cm.
  2. The bottom of the pit is compacted and covered with a layer of construction cushion - sand and gravel.
  3. Then the formwork is constructed, in which it is necessary to place the reinforcing bars or mesh. This is for the strength of the foundation.
  4. Then everything is poured with a cement-sand mixture. For the foundation and masonry, cement M200 or M300 is suitable.
  5. After the base has dried, it is about a week, two layers of roofing material are laid on the foundation, which is coated with bituminous mastic.
  6. On the finished surface, you can begin to lay the brazier support, it is usually erected in the shape of the letter "P".
  7. The first five rows of barbecue are stacked with an offset of half a brick - this is the standard way of laying brick structures. These five rows are built using a conventional cement-lime mortar as a bunch of bricks.
  8. Everything that goes above is already laid with fireclay bricks and a cement-clay mixture.
  9. As soon as three walls and supports are laid out, a metal sheet is laid on the structure. It will serve as a partition between the firewood and the brazier. This sheet can go out to the side and serve as a table.
  10. Instead of a metal sheet, many use concrete slabs, which are often poured on their own. To do this, formwork is built from OSB sheets directly on the brazier supports, covered with film and then filled with mortar. Then the sheets are removed, the plate remains.
  11. After the base for the brazier is prepared, the laying of the barbecue continues. The firebox will be slightly smaller in size than the structure itself, if fireclay bricks are used for its masonry. Do not be afraid of this, there is nothing wrong with that.
  12. To place barbecue grills or skewers in the walls of the barbecue, "coasters" are made. To do this, one of the upper rows is laid so that a protrusion from the wall is obtained, on which the grate can be placed.If you don't want to bother with the masonry, use a metal box as the holders for the grates or skewers. It will contain coal, and a grate will be installed on its sides. It is very convenient, coal and other waste is easy to remove.

Brazier made of bricks with the letter "P"

When the whole brazier is ready, the structure is left to dry for at least a week. For reliability, cover it with plastic foil so that the rain does not wet the masonry. After that, you can slowly start to melt the brazier. First, drown it with thin twigs, not for long. Then gradually increase the degree of heating until the structure dries out.

If the brazier is built in a gazebo, steel corners are built into its structure.

They are the support for the chimney. A simple galvanized steel smoke hood can be used as a chimney. They are inexpensive and can be bought at any hardware store. If desired, the chimney is decorated with finishing, heat-resistant materials.

A brick brazier is built quite quickly, especially if additional compartments, water supply, installation of a sink and other communications are not provided. If you do not want to mess with the solution, you can lay the grill in the same way, but dry. In this case, the structure can be disassembled for the winter. However, the construction of a barbecue in this way is not reliable. The stationary type of construction is much more practical. Nearby you can arrange a real resting place, put a table, benches or chairs. Decorate the recreation area with flowerpots and have a pleasant time with friends or family.

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