Rating and review of the best models of benzokos

Manual labor even in small summer cottages goes back to the distant past. To control weeds, more and more are switching from a simple to a motorized one. Petrol brushcutters are especially popular. The use of such units helps even a busy person to keep in order the territory of a country house, a summer cottage.

The purchase of a tool for mowing weeds, thickets of small bushes is a responsible business. It is necessary to know all the features of the model, its advantages and disadvantages. Having understood the structure of the petrol mowers, its functional capabilities, the gardener can be sure that it will become a reliable assistant for many years.


Benefits and value of petrol cutters

Benefits and value of petrol cutters

It is difficult to keep the territory of a country estate in perfect order. After all, it is necessary that the lawns be trimmed, the paths do not overgrow, and flowers grow on the flower beds, and not weeds. There is not always enough time and health to put things in order manually.

Therefore, modern units come to the rescue, such as a brushcutter, or a trimmer that runs on gasoline. It has many advantages:

  1. Compact-sized brushcutters allow you to remove weeds in large areas and small areas, flat surfaces and those with holes, ravines, hills.
  2. The mowing device has no obstacles, it easily removes grass near the fence, under benches, between stones in the garden.
  3. The unit receives power from a gasoline engine. In this case, a minimum of fuel is spent.
  4. Included with the brushcutters are additional attachments that help trim the grass on the lawn or cut branches from hedge.
  5. A brushcutter is used for curly cutting of trees.
  6. Ease and availability in use helps one person to operate the unit.
  7. Many models are highly durable.

The popularity of brushcutters is growing from year to year, they are used not only by summer residents, but also by workers in the municipal sector.

The main types of brushcutters, the difference between professional and household

The main types of brushcutters, the difference between professional and household

According to the scope of use, technical characteristics distinguish between professional and household brushcutters. Workers of agriculture, municipal services in the city use professional models of braids. They mow the grass on large areas during the hay harvesting period, trim the lawns in the squares and streets of the city, and trim trees in the spring.

The power of professional designs is high, from two horsepower. Knives with four or eight petals easily cope with the task of making hay, killing tall weeds. In the models there is a non-separable rod with a moving shaft, which allows no earth, sand or debris to get inside the apparatus. The design of the engine must be such that the mechanism can easily handle heavy loads.

The machines for mowing grass near the house and in the garden are much less powerful.

Their design is comfortable, the operator controls them by turning the handle effortlessly. Thanks to the collapsible mechanism, the household trimmer is folded for storage in a small room, easy to transport. The small dimensions of the household petrol cutter help to remove the grass under the benches, near the fence. All types of brushcutters are of the same design. They have a motor, a rod with a head, to which a cutting blade is attached.

Main characteristics of the unit

To understand the brushcutter models, you need to know the technical characteristics of the trimmer. Among the main parameters of the apparatus are:

  • engine power, measured in horsepower or watts
  • engine type from two-stroke to four-stroke
  • cutting part consisting of a head with a line or steel knives
  • brushcutter weight
  • belt or backpack mount
  • handle shape

For each type of agricultural work, select the appropriate tool with the necessary technical characteristics. Trimmer manufacturers indicate about them in the passport of the device.

Engine type and cutting elements

Engine type and cutting elements

The engine is the heart of any car, its functionality depends on it. Gasoline engines are available in two-stroke and four-stroke. They differ both in design and in operation. Basically, they are unlike the mechanisms of gas exchange. In the four-stroke, the cylinder is cleaned and filled by means of a special device, in the two-stroke it is absent. Therefore, the latter is much simpler and easier.

Both types of engine are filled with engine oil with gasoline. But in two-stroke, the fuel mixture is fed together and the oil burns along with the gasoline. Four-stroke ones are filled with pure gasoline, and oil is supplied separately from the tank. At the same time, the efficiency of fuel consumption is higher. In terms of environmental friendliness and service life, four-stroke engines are superior to two-stroke engines. They are less noisy. But two-stroke engines are easier to maintain, lighter in weight and cheaper.

Different elements for cutting grass and branches are installed on petrol cutters. It can be a line with a diameter of 1.6 to 3 millimeters. Replacing such an element on the device is much easier than knives or discs. But if you deal with the processing of large areas, then the line may stretch or become unusable.

Units are often offered where the line is fed from a reel manually or automatically.

Knives in the form of a cutting element are intended not only for cutting grass, but also for cutting branches, young growth of shrubs. The knives are equipped with a different number of teeth and blades. Metal discs are also included with some automatic scythe models. The best option would be an element of three to four blades, or eight to eighty teeth.
Reliability, long-term functionality of the device depends on the type of engine and the shape of the cutting element.

Handle power, weight and shape

Unit power

The value of the power of the brushcutter is related to the area of ​​the site it will process. A powerful two-horsepower engine can easily cope with work on a site of ten acres. For a long time, the mechanism will work without overheating, without wearing out.

For a small area, it is enough to purchase a unit with a capacity of half or one kilowatt. The average area of ​​the territory will easily be processed with a mowing cutter with a capacity of one and a half kilowatts. Of course, the higher the engine power, the more expensive the design. But there is no need to torment a low-power device that works all day without interruption. It will no longer be able to function. A season of intensive work - and a petrol brush with low power will become unusable.

The weight of the mowing device plays an important role for the operator.

After all, you have to hold the device in your hands, turn it. If it is heavy, then constant respite will be needed.The optimum trimmer weight should be between six and eight kilograms. Manufacturers use aluminum or plastic to facilitate construction. But the latter will make the braid vulnerable to breakage. Conveniently maintain your braid in the included shoulder strap or knapsack vest. The shape of the knapsack is more convenient, then the mass of the unit is distributed evenly over the whole body, and not over one shoulder.

Gas mowers are also classified according to the shape of the handle. Straight rods are equipped with a special shaft required to rotate the handle. Preference is given to the curved type of bar. In such models, the cutting element is driven by a metal cable, or a flexible shaft. The steel cable makes the trimmer more mobile and maneuverable. The only drawback is the quick wear of the cable, which is easy to replace.

Handles of petrol cutters are single and double. Ordinary handles are convenient when working where there are nooks and crannies. Products with double handles work better in open spaces. The shape of the handle is:

  • T-shaped for open areas.
  • D-shaped on hedges.
  • Similar to the letter J - for mowing lawns.

The selection of the necessary handle design takes place taking into account the area where the brushcutter will be working.

Requirements for using a scythe on gasoline

Requirements for using a gasoline scythe

Often they start processing the territory with a petrol cutter by simply turning it on. If it is equipped with a recoil starter, then pull the cord - and the engine is already functioning. But the work sequence is completely different. Start by pumping fuel. As soon as the air locks in the hose disappear, then turn on the ignition by moving the throttle switch to the active position.

Now it's the starter's turn. At first, the cord is pulled slowly, then more vigorously. As soon as the engine starts, switch to the operating position. If the start-up is carried out in hot mode, then the throttle switch is not touched.

Usually, all manipulations are described in the instruction manual for the petrol brush.

Often the engine will not start due to the presence of an air lock in the gas line, breakdown of the carburetor, lack of fuel. Carburetor adjustments must be carried out by a specialist. If the unit is well debugged, all malfunctions are eliminated in a timely manner, then it is easy to start the trimmer.

In order for the device to work smoothly, it must be properly operated:

  • The new product undergoes a run-in, during which five fuel tanks are produced without bringing the engine to maximum speed.
  • Overheating of the engine can cause it to malfunction. But you cannot mow on an unheated one.
  • Cutting discs and knives must be sharpened.
  • Before starting mowing, check the tightness of the nuts and screws, clean the candles and the muffler mesh from carbon deposits.
  • The fuel mixture of gasoline and engine oil is made up in a ratio of 1:50 and only for two-stroke engines.
  • Mow the grass by moving the cutting element from right to left.
  • On a flat surface, they work by distributing the area in squares.
  • Tough grass, tall stems are cut twice - first the tops, then the lower part.
  • When mowing a garden, the scythe is led along the tree trunks, then moving around them.
  • During the haircut lawn the tool head is held at an angle without pressing it to the ground.

Observing the operating instructions for petrol cutters, they increase the duration of its use.

Rating of the best models of benzokos

Rating and review of the best models of benzokos

Motor mowers have conquered the market firmly, they are offered by many manufacturers:

  • For reliability, the Hitachi CG22EAS trimmer with excellent quality standard is highly valued. An anti-vibration system is also installed on the brushcutter, discs with knives, a head under the line.
  • European firms supply gardeners with petrol cutters such as Stihl, Husqvarna. The devices are practical and easy to use. The models are distinguished by silent operation of the engine, absence of vibration.
  • Husqvarna weighs little, no more than five kilograms. The two-stroke engine has a unique gasoline pumping system.The motor is installed at the top of the machine, and the line is offered with a diameter of about three millimeters. The braid design is ergonomic and maneuverable.
  • The Stihl unit is one of the best options for agricultural tools. The model is supplied with a vest with straps and a carabiner for fastening. The product can work for a long time, at high speeds.
  • The professional type of Echo is chosen by many because it can function without fatigue for a long time. The unit treats large areas of up to twenty acres. The trimmer is quiet and easy to operate. Cutting blades with sharp blades easily cut off branches, cut off bushes. The handle of the device is adjusted by turning the fixing nut.
  • Among domestic models, the Patriot RT 3355 is distinguished, combining both good power and lightness of design. The model is suitable for work in areas with uneven surfaces. A fishing line and a knife are offered as a cutting element. The width of the working area of ​​the scythe is up to 43 centimeters. The design is collapsible, transported without problems. The advantage of the product is the low consumption of gasoline, the equipment in the form of a knapsack belt.
  • The Druzhba-2 model has a trimmer attachment and four metal discs. Attracted in the unit by the power of the gasoline engine, low cost.
  • Trimmer Al-Ko 112387 FRS 4125 is suitable for lawn care on the site. The petrol cutter can harvest hay and destroy weeds. The ignition system of the product is electronic, equipped with a quick start function. There is no vibration in the model. Convenient T-shaped handle ensures ease of use of the unit.
  • Kosu Cedar of Belarusian production is distinguished by a high level of productivity and excellent quality. The role of the cutting element in the unit is played by a knife with forty teeth. The tool is comfortable to use thanks to a convenient strap, U-shaped handle. You can mow the grass not only in open areas, but also in hard-to-reach places.

Many models of benzokos are constantly being improved, their modifications are coming out.

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