Warty euonymus and its use in medicine

Warty euonymus is known for its medicinal properties. But remember that this plant is poisonous. Its fruits, despite their attractive appearance, are dangerous to human health.

But wood, leaves and branches can be used in traditional medicine. So, the bark of the warty euonymus contains pectin, sucrose, organic acids and tannins. As for the leaves, they include alkaloids, flavonoids.

Eonymus plant

Euonymus, the photo of which makes you admire this representative of the flora, can be grown both at home and in the garden. For these purposes, there are various varieties of euonymus.

When choosing a location for planting a tree, you need to focus on its appearance. So, European euonymus feels comfortable in partial shade, where tall overgrown trees are located nearby. But Sakhalin euonymus is perfect for creating an original hedge.

Euonymus do not tolerate stagnant moisture, therefore they need nutrient soil and its aeration. If the soil on your site is acidic, you need to add lime to it so that it becomes either neutral or slightly alkaline.

The most common pests are apple moth, hawthorn and various aphids. This is why trees are sometimes so difficult to grow on your site.

For growing at home, Japanese euonymus is most suitable. Firstly, it does not reach large sizes. Secondly, he does not need to provide high temperatures in winter, unlike other species.