Grapes Agate Donskoy - features of the variety

Thanks to constant selection work, there are a great many varieties of various garden plants, berries, flowers on the market. And every gardener has the opportunity to choose the most suitable ones for himself in accordance with his capabilities, area of ​​residence, climate, and so on.

Grapes are a berry loved by many. There are many varieties of this plant.

One of the well-established varieties is the Agat Donskoy grape. It was bred in Russia, by our breeders.

It is valued for its excellent growth qualities, increased resistance to various diseases and cold.

The bunches of berries on Agatha Donskoy are very large, have a pyramidal shape. On average, one bunch weighs from 400 to 600 grams. The variety also differs in large berries: each weighs 4-5 grams, the diameter of the berries in a bunch is 22-24 mm, the color is dark blue. Taste qualities of berries of this variety are at their best.

Shoots of the Don Agat variety ripen very well: about 70-80% are shoots capable of producing fruits, and, on one shoot, the average number of bunches is 1.3-1.5. If the grapes of this variety are properly cared for, then each shoot can produce 3 inflorescences.

Don Agate grapes even tend to be overwhelmed by such a rich harvest. Therefore, measures are needed to normalize fruiting, since an overabundance slows down the ripening of berries and impairs their taste.

For this variety, pruning by 5-8 eyes is recommended, so that the total load on the bush is from 35 to 45 eyes.

Full maturity of the fruit is achieved in about 116-120 days with proper care and adherence to a favorable temperature regime.

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