Warm bed for cucumbers: we do together

Cucumbers are an extremely thermophilic crop, which is desirable to grow at a temperature of at least twenty degrees. Experienced gardeners prefer to cultivate cucumbers exclusively in greenhouses. If you want to get a good harvest of these extremely tasty and healthy vegetables, but do not have the opportunity to build a greenhouse, the so-called warm cucumber garden will come to your rescue.

A warm bed for cucumbers should be prepared from early spring, and preferably autumn. First of all, you should dig a trench, the width of which should be at least a meter, and the depth - fifty to sixty centimeters (that is, two bayonets of a shovel). Sawed wood chunks are laid across the groove, best of all - fresh firewood 60-70 centimeters long, and on the sides of the trench is thrown with a variety of twigs, sawdust, chips and other wood waste. The resulting structure must be covered from above with an inverted sod and carefully trampled down.

To improve the heat-saving properties of such a structure, you can frame it with a wooden box, making a small (no more than 10-15 degrees) bevel of the boards on the south side. After that, the box is laid with a slide of dry wood leaf. The last layer of a warm bed is a ten-centimeter layer of earth, taken in equal proportions with compost. The service life of such a bed is about ten years, but it will have to be regularly "repaired", that is, every spring it must be filled with a new sheet layer, which, overcooking, replenishes the bed with high-quality leaf humus.

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User avatar Ivan Sergeev

A very sensible recommendation for spring, when the ground warms up very slowly in depth, but it’s interesting how such a bed behaves in summer during the very heat. It seems to me that cucumbers can just sniff.

Lera1 avatar

Maybe I didn't understand something, but I have a question for the author of the article, where will the light for cucumbers come from? What you described, I imagined something like a trench, which is covered with pieces of wood and leaves on top.