Why the best sweet peppers are easy to grow


It doesn't take much effort to get the best sweet peppers in practice. This is a well-known variety, which is also called food. Differs in the presence of many varieties. Bulgarian pepper is famous among them.

Sweet pepper and its best varieties

How to grow vegetable peppers? It is believed that this is not difficult. It is grown even indoors. For several decades now, vegetable varieties have been grown in the form in which we are used to seeing it. The state register offers 232 varieties of varieties and hybrids of only one sweet category.

It is characterized by easy maintenance. Greenhouses and hotbeds are well suited for central Russia. With their help, super-early crops are grown. The seedlings can be planted in open ground if the temperature rises above 15 degrees.

Pepper is quite capricious to the soil. High acidity, excess clay will not suit him. Nitrogen supplements needed. It is good if the land is fertilized with manure, for example, in the fall. This applies to a number of sweet pepper varieties:

  • Smile;
  • Znayka;
  • Nafanya;
  • Tomboy;
  • Chord;
  • cabin boy

And others. The assortment is wide enough. Seedlings will be accepted if watered with warm water, which has already settled. It is easy to tell from the condition of the pepper if watering is sufficient. But it is better not to arrange such checks. It is also better not to overdry the soil with temperature. It should not be higher than 23 degrees during the daytime.

When planting seedlings, you need to give them more space, at least 25 cm between the plants. Also, the best varieties of sweet peppers in most cases are resistant to various diseases.

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