Asparagus belongs to perennial plants and is a representative of the lily family, like garlic and leeks, which, unlike asparagus, can be found in any vegetable garden in our country. Asparagus, on the other hand, has not received such wide distribution in our country, although recently the situation has changed and asparagus is being grown in our gardens more and more often.

It is possible that asparagus will soon grow in all vegetable gardens, because this plant is extremely useful. Asparagus contains a huge amount of vitamins, as well as such useful substances as phosphoric and nicotinic acid, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, iron, copper and a number of other elements necessary for the human body. Thus, we can say with confidence that asparagus is an excellent dietary and very tasty product.

Asparagus is recommended for everyone who wants to lose weight and normalize their metabolism. In addition, it is an excellent prophylactic agent against diseases of the cardiovascular system, as well as a number of oncological diseases.

Growing asparagus is not so difficult, so experienced gardeners will cope with this task with ease, especially since it feels great in the conditions of our country on its fertile soils. True, the process of asparagus ripening until the moment when its green shoots can be cut and eaten takes three whole years, so you will have to be patient before the first harvest, but then you can get a harvest of this wonderful and useful plant every year.

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User avatar kotik_n

we have started planting asparagus since last year. There were no problems with growing. They froze it and added it to the stew and soup all winter.

Manager88 avatar

I love asparagus. We have been planting it for two years in a row, only rust and red rot are very fond of this plant. They affect 30% of healthy plants. Last year we managed to grow a good harvest thanks to soil disinfection. Let's see what grows this year.

Christina936 avatar

The whole family is very fond of asparagus. There is a lot of it left from the previous owners in the garden. She does not represent much difficulty in growing, which is very pleasing.

ViktorT avatar

But with asparagus in the garden, nothing worked out for me, no matter how hard I tried, the seeds did not sprout. Tell me, if anyone knows from experience what type of soil is best for her and where to buy tested seeds?