Photos of beautiful blooming summer cottages

We are accustomed to the fact that the villagers engaged in subsistence farming are forced, first of all, to take care of the problems of survival and self-sufficiency, and only then to admire the beauty of the world around them. A city dweller, having moved to a village, will also have to take care of his daily bread, in the literal sense of the word. And by staying in the city, we voluntarily deprive ourselves of vital contact with nature, of which we are a part.


The value of the dacha

The best solution to the problem may be your suburban seasonal house with a small plot where you can touch Mother Earth, admire the beauty of nature, and physically work, and have a great rest in soul and body.

Photos of beautiful blooming summer cottages

Of secondary importance is the real monetary value of the property acquired, received as a gift or built with your own hands. Much more important is the true value of the place where a person feels truly happy.

To experience the feeling of bliss in a certain place, you must first prepare, equip and organize the space in such a way that everything around you pleases, pacifies and fills you with good feelings. And for this it is enough to put a particle of your soul into everything that your hands touch, where your gaze stops. It is the dacha that can be such a pleasant outlet if you take care of it.

Made with love

A country house, not intended for permanent housing, can be built almost from improvised means, but the main thing is that everything should be created with love. The main focus is not on good quality, convenience, durability and reliability, but solely on the beauty and pleasure of being in it. The roof is needed in order to hide under it from sudden rain, and verandas, terraces and gazebos - from the scorching sun.

You come to the dacha not to hide in the house, but to spend as much time as possible in the fresh air. Therefore, the site must be made as safe and suitable as possible for active recreation and complete relaxation. Nothing can please the eye and comfort the soul like flower bedsmade with love. Plant medicinal, spicy plants along with decorative flowers.

Benefit for health

There is no need to turn your stay in the country into an endless labor feat, because we do not have such a task to fully provide ourselves with the necessary foodstuffs. Growing vegetables and fruits is more aesthetic than practical. A competent person is able to calculate the unprofitable cost of growing in a summer cottage potatoes, for example, which is more profitable to buy.

Photos of beautiful blooming summer cottages

But the value of fresh, home-grown products is in their energy saturation, ecological purity and targeted compliance with the needs of your body.

It is known that plants are able to read information about the internal state of health of a person who has close, direct contact with them. They can balance their chemical composition according to the needs of the caregiver by growing them for themselves. So all that love is you grown in the country, will benefit you and be good.

Flight of creative imagination

If you have not yet become the happy owner of a summer residence, are planning to have one, but have not finally decided, look at the inspiring photos of beautiful flowering oases, created by human imagination, talent and work. Everything that could be thrown out will come in handy at the dacha. From plastic bottlesfrom which you can create amazing things, to old shoes, cracked jugs, unnecessary kitchen utensils filled with earth and turned into original elements of landscape design.

Photos of beautiful blooming summer cottages

Any tree stump, driftwood, pallet or barrel can be decorated and creatively applied in such a way that it becomes truly a work of your creativity. Dacha is a very capacious word in its meaning for a Russian person. But have you seen a lot of photos of summer cottages? Not many people thought that photos of beautiful blooming summer cottages can cheer up.

Stop the beautiful moment

Agree, when you see a small house immersed in greenery, flowers, it becomes warmer even in the winter cold. A photo is not only a way to preserve a picture, but also a memory. Memories of summer, when it is warm, when the sun is shining, when you can sit in the garden at a round table, listen to grasshoppers.

And it is not at all necessary that the photo of a beautiful blooming dacha be personal, maybe you were so busy with everyday hilling and weeding that you did not notice how the summer passed, and simply did not capture how the house was transformed into greenery. Such photos can be borrowed in order to admire and cheer up.

“Summer is a small life” so save your “little life” by capturing your summer cottage beautiful and blooming. Share your joy with others, so that it becomes brighter and warmer in their souls, and your joy multiplies.

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You will need to hold a photo session for your dacha ... And upload it here! Who is with me?

The photos, of course, are incomparable .. it is how much labor, time, what a flight of imagination and perseverance should be to create such a miracle from a simple purchased land plot. And the neighbors will certainly respect :)

User avatar Ekaterina1991

Nice photos, but I think it's worth making such a flower garden only if you live in your own house or in your country house all the time (or in the village), in order to maintain this beauty, you need daily care ..